Thanks is a very little word to say,

I loved my badminton vacation spent with you all.

All coaches worked very hard on every minute basics technically details on us.

All the drills selected by coaches were amazingly taken.

A very silly question was asked by us and it was sloved very gently.

A very nice surprise received from the coaches was a note of my game analysis, which will help me to improve my game.

Thanks for accepting me as a family member , lots of memories taken with me , whenever who comes to INDIA please ping

Waiting for the next Camps

Anup from India

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Ivan, Vitaly, Nikolai, Vilena! Thank you very much! And also a big thank you to those with whom I had the opportunity to play and practice, even just once.
Thanks also to those with whom I did not cross paths in training and games. The atmosphere at the training camp was as positive as possible, including simple communication.

At these training camps I had ambivalent feelings, but the atmosphere created, first of all, by the coaching staff, as well as all participants in the process, encouraged me to continue further. Let there be 100500 identical repetitions, let 100400 of them fail and 100500 repetitions again, but further. I found out how bad I play, but I had already assessed myself soberly, but most importantly, I learned how to become better and what kind of person I am: about my endurance, resistance to external influences, attitude towards failures, etc., etc. Basically , valuable experience in general in life, not only in badminton. And so I understand that if I cope with this and absorb it, I will become closer to the professionals, while remaining an amateur. It was a very cool experience that you rarely get. Thanks to Nikolai for the administration and organization. This is really cool! If those who should work like this worked for us, our company would be in the top 2, not 5.
The coaching staff is a dream! You can’t say more here. The best today not only in the Russian Federation, but in general. Thanks everyone! I hope to meet at other training camps, or training sessions, or perhaps competitions, but yes, in different categories. ) We are all developing, right?!) And yes, there I will definitely root for you - for my own people.

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Thank you all very much! This was my first time taking part in a training camp. I received a huge charge of positive emotions and motivation to train and develop further.

Thank you for the pleasant atmosphere, gatherings, and communication. And of course, thanks to the coaching staff for the cool workouts. It was not the least bit boring! Hope we see you again

Sergey, Armenia

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