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5 Levels Trainings for a Perfect Smash | BADMINTON

Vitaly Durkin with Ivan Sozonov show how to train SMASH in 5 steps from beginners to PROs: 1 Level - First level focus on the basic technik. No movement, only control your right swing. The most important thing is a grip. Stay side to the net. Keep you elbow high for the right swing. Focus on Move your elbow forward, your racket will points backwards. You have to hit shuttle in front of you. And follow through the shuttle. Start easy, don’t put too much power to the hits until you will have correct movement. Feeder should try to throw shuttle in one place and give enough height. 2 Level - On level 2 we add some simple footwork and flying shuttle. Start from the middle of the half court. Try to get behind the shuttle. And find right timing for the hit. Feeder should give player enough time to get behaind the shuttle so feed with enough height for this. Start with soft smashes, control your footwork, timing and position for the hit. When your technique and movement right add some power. 3 Level - On level 3 we feed shuttle side to side. It is already more advanced exercise. The feeder Again give enough height for the player. And here we still training getting to the right position, run behind the shuttle. Focus on your footwork. Now we cover full back side of the court. 4 Level - Already will copy part of the real game. Feed to front court-player will play back and then lift high the same shuttle to the one of the side to the back of the court. Player now should run fast to get right position . Run with any footwork, the most important thing again to get behind the shuttle as fast as possible. And after the smash be ready to move forward for the next hit. 5 Level - Now we remove Multishuttle and will play with the one shuttle. We need long rally’s here. So try to keep shuttle in the air, get the rally going. Don’t try to win in the begging. If it is not possible to hit smash, player can also drop. Feeder all the time in a defense. Try to have a good lifts to the player, so he can train his smash, not running too much. Player should stay relax, cus It is already professional exercise. Bonus - The Badminton Jump Smash is the most powerful shot in badminton. Move quickly and get BEHIND the shuttle. Ideally, your body should face sideways. Both your feet should also point towards the side of the court. Try to Relax your body. Do not tense your muscles. Jump in to the air, use your both legs, explosive raise your both arm it will help you jump higher. Hit the Shuttle at the Highest Point Possible. After you hit the shuttle, Follow Through with your swing.

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